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CurcuminPro® Complete BRP

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Why You Need The Product

Key Benefits

  • Supports heart, joint, brain, and immune system health
  • Natural pain relief and joint support
  • High level of curcuminoids – each capsule contains 600mg of our brown rice protein and curcumin complex
  • All Natural with brown rice protein
  • Quickly absorbed and assimilated, CurcuminPro® is scientifically proven to beup to 42Xx more water soluble than standard curcumin – and therefore – more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.
Derived from organic Turmeric, CurcuminPro Complete BRP is the world’s only BioSoluble BRP Curcumin on the market. Our formula offers Clinical dosing levels for maximum relief and is Dr. Recommended.
Each serving contains 1200 mg of CurcuminPro Complete BRP curcumin with BioSoluble clinical dosage level of 95% Standardized Curcuminoids. Complete BRP is up to up to 42X more water soluble than standard curcumin.
To provide a daily boost, and complement a healthy and active lifestyle, the positive immune response will enhance joint movement and help ease joint discomfort. Additionally, it can help impact the overall health of the body.
Our patented formulations are designed for fast absorption and assimilation into the body and are scientifically designed to be bioavailable in the body within 20 minutes. Feel the Feeling and realize the full benefits of Curcumin.
Our organic blend is designed to improve your health. The capsules contain no gluten, starch, soy, piperine, preservatives, or fillers.

CPro® Brown Rice Protein with Sunflower Lecithin, 95% Curcumin (Curcumin Longa L, obtained from Turmeric roots)

Take 2 capsules up to 4 times per day or as needed.

Discover the Most Bioavailable Curcumin Products on the Market Today!

All CurcuminPro® products are up to 42x more water soluble than standard Curcumin supplements, thanks to our proprietary BioSoluble® technology.

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