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CurSplash® Brain Boost

CurSplash® Brain Boost

CurSplash® Brain Boost is “Superfood” for your Supercomputer”.  Dr. formulated and clinically tested, this formula is not only powerful for feeding the brain it feeds the entire body!  After decades of research and scientific investigation, this World Class combination of 100% natural ingredients is arguably the best brain supplement on the market today.  The principal structure and functional nutrients in CurSplash® Brain Boost are a polysaccharide, multi-nutrient complex complemented by CurcuminPro®  BCD, TerraPro®, BiAloe®, and Annatto Tocotrienol.  Every ingredient has been carefully selected based on its individual scientific value and its collective contribution to the efficacy of the product.  The results speak for themselves. 

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Covered by US Patents: 9,597,313 & 9,005,673; US Pending Patent Application: 17-262734 and corresponding international patents and applications.

Note: Energy boost from this product may affect sleep if taken late in the evening.  For maximum benefit, allow 8 hours between doses.

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CurSplash® Brain Boost

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

1 Bottle (60 Capsules)

Key Benefits

Clinical studies in humans have shown improvements in: 

  • Cognitive function (according to the ADAS-Cog cognition score, which is the gold standard for assessing cognition)
  • Immune function (according to the CD4/CD8 ratio, which is an overall indicator of how effective the immune system is working)
  • Inflammation (according to TNF-α and VEGF, which are used to assess the body’s response to stress or infection in an inflammatory state)
  • Adult stem cells (according to CD14+ cells, which are a marker of how well the body continues to produce stem cells).

Although not statistically significant, the research also showed that CurSplash Brain Boost caused brain derived neurotrophic factor to modestly increase, which is well known for its critical roles in the brain regions that are involved in neurosynaptic function, apoptosis, plasticity, long-term potentiation, learning memory processes, and higher-order thinking. Thus, compared to other vitamins for the brain, CurSplash Brain Boost has superior efficacy, and it does not contain any caffeine, which is a known stimulant that temporarily creates a sense of focus and well-being, only to subside after its effect wanes.

In addition to CurSplash Brain Boost’s effect on brain health, such as being sharper, more focused, having better memory, and quicker recall, other key benefits have been reported as well. For example, some people report more energy and a better overall sense of well-being, you may notice a quicker recovery from being sick or stressed out, you may start to have longer, deeper, and more refreshing sleep, and you may have a generally happier and more balanced mood. In addition, other people find that they have improved stomach and bowel function, and still other people notice that they have better skin, hair, and nails. Thus, while CurSplash Brain Boost is targeted for people searching for brain health supplements, you can anticipate the possibility of feeling its benefits in other areas, too.

Quality Ingredients

CurSplash Brain Boost is the best supplement for your brain that is backed by many years of research and is designed to give you significant nutritional support, not only for brain health but for every cell in your body.  Each ingredient is included for specific reasons to support your health.  Here are some important details about the ingredients in the formula. 

CurSplash® Brain Boost Benefits:


Note: CurSplash® Brain Boost does NOT contain potentially harmful Black Pepper Extracts


Why are Polysaccharides Important?

The field of glycobiology (the study of the biology, biosynthesis, and structure of carbohydrates, saccharides, or sugars) shows us that the process of glycosylation (i.e., the reaction in which a polysaccharide (carbohydrate or sugar) is attached to a protein or fat to form what is called a glycoconjugate) is a very important function in our cells. These glycoconjugates are bioactive compounds that help to guide the way many of our cells function. The cells use these glycoconjugates for many different purposes, including to help regulate our immune system’s function and activity and for cells to communicate with one another. If we do not provide our cells with the needed amounts of polysaccharides in the diet to execute these basic functions, then we are not living optimally. 

The body is smart enough to take other, common simple sugars, like glucose and fructose, which are typically eaten too often, and transform them into the required polysaccharides needed for glycosylation, but this appears to be an inefficient way to enable our cells to function properly. 

Taking CurSplash Brain Boost every day is the best way to ensure that you are getting the right types and amounts of polysaccharides that are so important to not only glycosylation, but supporting all of the body’s functions, and ultimately to allow you to feel healthy.



Atherosclerosis, Hypolipidemia, Myocardial Infraction


Eczema, Scabies, Scleroderma, Psoriasis, Wounds


Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, Cough and Cold


Arthritis, Osteoprosis,



Brain & Nervous System

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Depression


Breast, Prostate, Colon, Brain, Skin, Bladder, Stomach, and more

Gastrointestinal & Liver

IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, Gastric Ulcer, Pancreatitis, and Hepatitis

Polysaccharides (sugars with a complex biochemical structure) constitute a class of nutrients that are important for health.  Most importantly, during the second major step of biosynthesis in all cells, nine molecules of mannose, a key polysaccharide found in BiAloe® in CurSplash Brain Boost, are required in the endoplasmic reticulum to initiate the assembly of glycoproteins and glycolipids.  This process demonstrates that polysaccharides are used for glycosylation (i.e., the addition of saccharides to amino acid chains or free fatty acid chains) in the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi.  The significance of the coding capacity of polysaccharides in glycoproteins and glycolipids is documented in a series of review articles in Acta Anatomica (Denker, 1998).  The addition of nine molecules of mannose in three chains in the endoplasmic reticulum constitutes the establishment of a domain on which instructions for life processes are transmitted between cells.  In the Golgi, other polysaccharides are added, and the number of mannose units is modified to provide a code of information for conducting host defense, repair, growth, healing, and homeostasis.  This domain is the principal site for coordinating activities for the trillions of cells that make up the human body.

This fundamental supporting biochemistry is why supplying polysaccharides from food sources results in a broad spectrum of health-supporting benefits.  Additionally, concentrated levels of polysaccharides in dietary supplements, like CurSplash Brain Boost, compared to their levels in foods, take advantage of how a concentrated amount of nutrients allows a greater number of bioactive compounds to be created.

As mentioned above, BiAloe® is a very potent aloe polysaccharide, called acemannan or mannose, that has been shown to support the natural biochemical mechanisms of antiviral cells (Kahlon et al., 1991).  In humans, acemannan also supports cell processes that are:  antibacterial, anti-neoplastic, wound healing, intracellular stabilizing, rebalancing and adaptative for stressed cells, and able to increase the synthesis of reduced-glutathione, the principal intracellular antioxidant and multi-systems balancing compound (Dykman & Dykman, 1998; Everson et al., 1992; Kalebic et al., 1991; Lefkowitz et al., 2000; McDaniel, 1987, 1990; McDaniel et al., 2006).  Aloe vera extracts also have fractions with unique molecular and pharmacological profiles, e.g., one fraction displayed hematopoietic activity, while another fraction displayed anti-inflammatory activity, i.e., down-regulation of iNOS and TNF (Kim et al., 1999).

Thus, the documented cellular and physiological effects of the acemannan found in BiAloe® and other polysaccharides in CurSplash Brain Boost are very potent and can help to support brain health, but overall health as well.  If you already have a health challenge, then the use of these polysaccharides is even more important to counteract the complications and symptoms.  The positive effects of these polysaccharides are likely even more potent with an increasing daily dose.  To be sure, supplementing with polysaccharides from different sources provides the opportunity for you to receive a wide range of phytochemicals with multiple health benefits. For more information about the research on polysaccharides, go here.


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Product Reviews

7 reviews for CurSplash® Brain Boost

  1. 5


    I have been using Brain Boost in my shakes and in my yogurt. I must say that the book of recipes that comes with it is AMAZING!! It something that is a part of my daily routine as it has made quite a difference in my daily performance.

  2. 5

    Ken Surritte

    For the past three years I have not been able to sleep the night through without intense pain and back spasms. I found out about Curcumin Pro from a dear friend who said it helped them. I have tried just about everything but nothing worked. I started taking BrainBoost and the shakes and immediately began to feel things were different. The inflammation subsided and I was sleeping without any pain after just a few weeks. Now a couple months later and I am able to function in the day pain free and sleep through the night for the first time in three years. I have recommended the products to some of my friends who suffer from inflammation and their results are similar. Love you guys, keep making a difference in the lives of people!

  3. 5

    Mitch U. (verified owner)

    I work in the field, which demands rapid facts recall, assessment of information to see patterns and creating multi-dimensional solutions to problems. I looked for a product to help me improve my cognitive performance, maintain acute focus and mental energy. After the first dose of CurSplash® Brain Boost I noticed what I can describe as an acceleration in climbing a mental ladder. Once I reached the top, I am maintaining my high-level performance by taking prescribed doses every day for a month now. I began to experience increased resilience in holding presented information to me while communicating with others in a multicultural environment. My ability to manage complex conversations improved by bringing the information back to the conversation, while others would lose focus. CurSplash® Brain Boost is a game changer in my professional performance and social interactions.

  4. 5

    G. Davis

    Love the product!! It has improved my memory. Great taste and easy to use.

  5. 5

    Betsy Carpenter

    I am 73 years old and have been taking CurcuminPro Brain Boost for almost a year. My health is excellent. When I first started taking Brain Boost, I notice a significant improvement in my mental awareness. I recently had eye and facial surgery. My surgeon was surprised by the rapid healing and reduced bruising associated with this extensive and delicate surgery. I credit the nutritional support provided by CurcuminPro products for my good surgical outcomes and improved mental awareness.

  6. 5


    Brain Boost is my secret weapon against the midday daze. Just a scoop in my morning drink, and I’m laser-focused all day. No more brain fog or afternoon yawns. And guess what? My kiddo sprinkles it on his Nutella treat or swirls it in his yogurt, and voila! Even his teachers are giving him gold stars for focus. This stuff isn’t just a product; it’s a game-changer for the mind and soul. AND the Hubby’s now on the Brain Boost train and he’s never been sharper at work and home. We’re one happy and healthy family!!

  7. 5

    Patrick Earles (verified owner)

    Ron Gourley is a visionary leader and microbiologist. He and I traveled to Hawaii on business extensively for economic / real estate development in 2008. I know him well; he is driven by a commitment to excellence in every aspect of his life and is carried by a strong ethical core. For a year before Covid hit, I played in the Mexican baseball league in Dallas every Sunday on an under 30 men’s team. I played nine innings each Sunday. For years, I relied on Bosweilla as a daily supplement and natural remedy to be agile and free of pain before Covid.

    The Curcumin Pro products have given me back the physical stamina and strength that was absent from my for three years (April 2020 thru April 2023). Because of long haul Covid symptoms of chronic pain in may hands and wrists made it impossible to open a bottle of water, or live without pain. I never slept because I couldn’t get comfortable in my sleep. A simple rollover in my bed to a different sleep posture was extremely painful. My daily conditioning at the gym during this three year period was reduced to just training of my core and running sprints in the swimming pool everyday. No ability to lift weights, use my hands, shoulders, etc.

    Btw…my chronic pain in this three year battle was not remedied by Bosweilla, which was frustrating personally because it worked so well for years.

    I diligently sought a remedy across three areas of the Dallas wellness market with no success:
(1) I was examined and treated by the Arthritis Centers of Texas (Dr. Raman, brilliant Rheumatologist) with no remedy despite their expertise in resolving chronic arthritis like pain,

    (2) I tried neuromodulation 3 days a week for 90 days at Interx Therapy Clinic in lower Greenville with Janice Walker (wonderful human being / therapist),
    (3) I tried optical laser therapy at the Stretch Bar, Dr. Like Ahee (Chiropractor) on Lovers Lane, and finally
    (4) I had a Thermography exam with short term treatments by Dr. Michael Einson, Dallas TX with no success.

    Finally I had lunch with Ron Gourley at Bavette Grill in Granite Park in September 2022 and decided to do a monthly shipment of the Curcumin Pro product line. Within two days of twice daily use I was able to feel the freedom returning in my body. I was able to resume sleeping every night with no pain. Within a few days, I resumed my daily conditioning regimen with significant weight lifting. I have my physical strength back and find that I am able to lift significant weight and I am able to extend my reps to 18-20 within each set. starts at 5am at Lifetime Fitness Plano TX.

    Before I leave home I start my day with Curcumin Pro. My afternoon break at 3pm no longer involves chugging a four shot cappuccino to get me to my 6pm finish time. I use the Brain Boost product every afternoon instead and am amazed at my mental clarity and endurance.

    There is a reason why I have my life back. Curcumin is an old world therapy and Ron is simply one of the smartest, innovative people I have ever met. His specific gift as an innovator of cognitive health and longevity products is attributed to his relentless passion as a contrarian is to introduce natural remedies for chronic health problems. He has created a powerful product line that is the best natural therapies on the planet which ended my three year battle with chronic pain that experts in the field did not have a diagnosis for, and couldn’t remedy.


Patrick Earles
    Active 61 Yr Old Athlete
    Dallas TX
    509.591.8494 Mobile

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