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This BREEZY BUNDLE has all the CurcuminPro® products you need make these yummy PUMPKIN PUPPY TREATS for your dogs!


  • 1 canister of CurcuminPro® Complete WPI Powder
  • 1 canister of TerraPro® Detoxifying Clay




CurcuminPro Products & Benefits


CurcuminPro® Complete WPI Powder: Complete WPI Powder delivers 1200 mg of CurcuminPro® BioSoluble® Curcumin in just one scoopful. CurcuminPro WPI has no taste or flavor, so your pups will get all the benefits of curcumin without any of the bitter flavor of standard curcumin!


TerraPro® Detoxifying Clay: TerraPro® clay provides a rare source of calcium bentonite clay that helps promote detoxification. Consuming clay internally has a long history of use with outstanding health-promoting effects and has been used by various ancient cultures. This clay is especially beneficial for dogs, because many dog foods contain corn and other grains, which are known to produce aflatoxins. TerraPro® clay will bind up the toxins before they can impact your dog’s health.


Place ground oats in bowl. Add pumpkin, coconut oil, apple sauce, and cinnamon, and blend well. Add CurcuminPro® WPI and TerraPro® clay and combine, adding a little water if necessary to hold together. Form dough into 1-2 inch round flat cookies – depending on the size of your puppy – and place on a lined cookie sheet, or spread out and cut with dog-bone-shaped cookie cutter. Bake for 5-10 min in 350 degree oven. Makes 12 – 24 cookies. Keep in the refrigerator for up to a month.

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