Vegan Turmeric Drink Mix

Your search for a delicious vegan Turmeric drink mix is over. CurcuminPro is a trustworthy source for products that meet vegan dietary needs and deliver all of the delicious benefits promised through our proprietary formulas and processes.

You work hard to adhere to a vegan diet. At CurcuminPro, our scientists and the creators of our vegan Turmeric drink mix and vegan Turmeric chewable supplements, deliver a product that meets your dietary standards while providing all the benefits of Turmeric and its derivative, Curcumin.


Leveraging the healing powers of an ancient remedy

For 4,000 years, people — mostly of the Indian civilization — have been using Turmeric for both flavor (a spice) and for the medicinal benefits. CurcuminPro has developed a line of products that will give you the advantage of this amazing health booster.

The vegan Turmeric benefits are plentiful.

  • As an antioxidant, Turmeric helps destroy cell-killing free radicals.
  • As an anti-inflammatory, Turmeric delivers on reducing pain due to osteoarthritis and injuries.
  • Not only will this give you pain relief, the increase in flexibility will give you the boost you need to participate in exercise, which in turn leads to even more health benefits.
  • Your digestive system can see a reduction in bloating and gas.
  • Our product line may also be used to treat digestive disorders and increase the healthy functioning of the liver and gallbladder.

If you are wondering how our products are able to deliver the most impactful vegan Turmeric benefits, take a look at our trademarked BioSoluble technology, which is implemented within our mixes, capsules and shakes.  Bioavailability describes the quantity of those health enhancers your body is able to actually absorb. This is exactly what sets the CurcuminPro line apart from others. Our process significantly increases the amount of useful Curcumin that is absorbed by the body.

By nature, Curcumin resists solubility, making it difficult to find just the right delivery system to work with the digestive system. Our scientists have found that adding a certain protein to the Curcumin helps potentiate absorption. CurcuminPro has become the benchmark for BioSoluble Turmeric and Curcumin products, including our vegan Turmeric drink mix. Choose from one of our delicious flavors for better health.