Vegan Curcumin Drink Mix

CurcuminPro is a leading source for a truly healthy and delicious vegan Curcumin drink mix. Curcumin, a derivative of the spice Turmeric, has exploded onto the wellness scene in the western world with a list of proven benefits to skeletal, digestive and circulatory systems. 

When you eat vegan Curcumin benefits especially come in handy. Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes can lead to gas and bloating. Curcumin reduces those side effects, relieving pain and indigestion. This is just one of the noteworthy effects of our patented Curcumin formula.


Not your typical Curcumin or Turmeric supplement

One important thing to note — it is not enough to merely add Curcumin or Turmeric to your diet to access these health benefits. The dose of Curcumin must be accessible to your body through an easily absorbed solution.

CurcuminPro has a patented formula that delivers the full dose needed to maximize your healthy vegan curcumin benefits. This important breakthrough in bioavailability means that our formula is easily absorbed and digested for maximum effect.

  • Curcumin itself resists solubility. The specialized CurcuminPro methodology creates a protein/Curcumin conjugate that delivers 1200mg per dose!
  • This protein/Curcumin conjugate is flavor neutral. This means your vegan Curcumin drink mix comes in a variety of delicious flavors with no bitterness or pungent aftertaste. You'll get the blast of fruits, the creamy smoothness of the vanilla or chocolate and even our vegan Curcumin chewable supplements are bursting with tantalizing tastes.
  • Studies have shown that Curcumin has proven anti-inflammatory properties that make this a breakthrough for those suffering from various inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Inflammation is the body's natural defense while in the healing stages. Inflammatory disease or chronic inflammation is not only painful, it can cause actual tissue damage and other problems.
When you add CurcuminPro's vegan Curcumin drink mix to your daily health routine, you will get the anti-inflammatory properties that will give you the opportunity to reduce pain and increase flexibility. The effects of this strong antioxidant attack the free radicals in your system that are responsible for cell damage and signs of aging. Find out what other health benefits can be yours when you try CurcuminPro’s line of innovatie products.