Turmeric Tablets Dosage For Dogs

Have you explored the potential health benefits of Turmeric tablets for dogs? Maybe you’re aware of the healing and general health-enhancing powers of this ancient spice, but would it do anything for your four-legged friend?

CurcuminPro wants to help you discover the many benefits, one of which is the natural pain relief. With so many side effects that come with powerful pain relief medicine, Turmeric-based supplements are a great way to help your pet feel better without experiencing any unwanted symptoms.

The key to leveraging the maximum benefits with the least amount of side effects is finding accurate Turmeric for dogs dosage information.


General dosage amounts

The amount of dosage your dog should get depends greatly on how you will be administering the supplement. Dosage for Turmeric tablets for dogs are as follows:

  • 1 to 10 pounds: Half tablet
  • 10 to 20 pounds:1.5 tablets
  • 20 to 100 pounds:1 to 2 tablets
  • Dogs over 100 pounds can be given the equivalent to what a human would take


Pay close attention to Turmeric for dogs dosage information

There are several methods of giving your dog a Turmeric supplement, most of which are available from CurcuminPro. This includes the tablets, as well as an over-the-food supplement powder. This powder can either be sprinkled over your dog’s food once a day or you can bake it into Turmeric dog treats. Either way, your dog will be getting healthier and happier.

Unlike other supplement companies, CurcuminPro is so sure that you will like our product that we have a no-questions-asked refund policy. If you don’t like the product for any reason, simply mail back the unused portion and we will refund your total purchase amount with no questions asked. That means you can try our products — or give them to your pet — with no risk.

Order today and see why CurcuminPro is becoming the leading supplier of Turmeric tablets for dogs. With our excellent products and amazing customer service, you will see why so many have turned to us for their Curcumin supplement needs.