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How Curcumin & Turmeric Works?

Curcumin is amazing, but it does not absorb into the body well. It needs assistance getting into the body, so that it can be its most effective self. There are many things that people do to curcumin to get the body to absorb the curcumin and its properties. Some add piperine, some add oils, and others create liposomes to try and trick the body into taking the curcumin into the blood.

The idea behind our science is that we don’t believe in trying to trick the bodyl! How great is that? We are not attempting to change the curcumin on the molecular level. We want the powerful curcumin to get into the body in its most natural state possible. We accomplish this by enveloping it in a protein. You know what protein is – you eat it every day! Your body needs protein and is excited to see a protein. 

By utilizing curcuminoids with protein, we get a highly and truly BioSoluble curcumin-protein isolate with increased bioavailability and absorption. Our science shows we are upwards of 36X more soluble than standard curcumin on the market. The more BioSoluble the curcumin, the more bioavailable the curcumin, making the maximum level of assimilation possible. That means that our curcumin not only gets into the blood, but the body takes it in (assimilates!) on the cellular level. Protein by nature is taken in at the top of the digestive process. It sees the protein, shuttles it over, and processes it quickly. Our curcumin goes with it and doesn’t get broken down by the GI track before the body can try and absorb it. How powerful. Your body will get the curcumin earlier, faster, and stronger – without the possible side effects of digestive discomfort that can be caused by piperine, soy, oil, and other fillers. We are excited just thinking about this!