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Our BioSoluble™ Revolution

BioSoluble™ is the future benchmark for all supplements.

Our patent-pending disruptive technology allows us to envelope curcumin in our protein isolate in order for the body to absorb it more readily.  This process creates a new biosoluble conjugate. In short, the more biosoluble a product is, the more bioavailable and effective it is when used regularly. 

BioSoluble™ is our trademarked term for incorporating our protein/curcumin conjugate into multiple delivery platforms ensuring the highest dosage per serving.  The hurdle to overcome was curcumin's resistance to being soluble.  Being a nutraceutical technology company - we solved the problem and our curcumin is 36x more soluble than standard curcumin.

Defining Bioavailability 

"Bioavailability" is the industry term for how much beneficial curcumin/curcuminoids are assimilated into your body. 

Our bioavailability allows us to reach clinically relevant doses.  CurcuminPro products are the first and only curcumin line on the market that can reach, on average (with limited research), about 600 mg per capsule – or 1200 mg per serving.  CurcuminPro products fast track 95% curcuminoids without irritating the digestive tract with commonly used pepper extracts or other non-beneficial ingredients or fillers.

CurcuminPro is the world’s first full line of curcumin enhanced products.

BioSoluble™ is our technology trademark for the bioavailability of the curcumin in each product.

Nutritional Delivery Systems is a nutraceutical tech company that is driven by innovation.