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Here at CurcuminPro, our vision is simple: help everyone in the world feel a little better every day, without the use of over-the-counter-drugs. Easy, right? This may sound challenging to some, but we've created the world's first full line of curcumin-enhanced products by utilizing a groundbreaking patent-pending process that combines curcumin and protein. By enveloping the curcumin in a protein, we have created a highly BioSoluble and bioavailable curcumin-protein isolate that is super potent and crazy effective. Our patent-pending process creates a taste and smell neutral isolate that can be used in almost any product form. This means none of that pungent smell and earthy bitterness can get in the way of your morning shake, afternoon drink, or even that sweet treat! The CurcuminPro line of products has no typical curcumin/turmeric flavor or taste profile to overcome. Our complete line of products are both super potent AND taste amazing! Intrigued yet? CurcuminPro is the world’s first curcumin enhanced brand of products. Almost every product contains 1200mg of our patent-pending whey protein-curcumin conjugate per serving. Our nutritional delivery system platform gives us the ability to create a variety of products and flavoring systems so you can take curcumin in many forms previously unavailable. Our taste- and smell-neutral conjugate delivers 95% curcuminoids, with all those benefits going directly into the bloodstream at up to 36x that of our competitors. Remember the new key words: Bioavailability, biosoluble, and bioassimilation™.

Science In Action

Science In Action

Our BioSoluble™ Revolution

BioSoluble™ is the future benchmark for all supplements. Our patent-pending disruptive technology allows us to envelope curcumin in our protein isolate in order for the body to absorb it more readily. This process creates a new biosoluble conjugate. In short, the more biosoluble a product is, the more bioavailable and effective it is when used regularly. BioSoluble™ is our trademarked term for incorporating our protein/curcumin conjugate into multiple delivery platforms ensuring the highest dosage per serving. The hurdle to overcome was curcumin's resistance to being soluble. Being a nutraceutical technology company - we solved the problem and our curcumin is 36x more soluble than standard curcumin.

Defining Bioavailability

"Bioavailability" is the industry term for how much beneficial curcumin/curcuminoids are assimilated into your body. Our bioavailability allows us to reach clinically relevant doses. CurcuminPro products are the first and only curcumin line on the market that can reach, on average (with limited research), about 600 mg per capsule – or 1200 mg per serving. CurcuminPro products fast track 95% curcuminoids without irritating the digestive tract with commonly used pepper extracts or other non-beneficial ingredients or fillers.


CurcuminPro is the world’s first full line of curcumin enhanced products.


BioSoluble™ is our technology trademark for the bioavailability of the curcumin in each product.


Nutritional Delivery Systems is a nutraceutical tech company that is driven by innovation.

Taste And Color Innovation

Turmeric and curcumin are known for their taste and vibrant color. Our process of enveloping the curcuminoid in the protein isolate results in a taste and odor neutral ingredient. It can be added to most any product without affecting the taste profile. The color is part of the ingredient and cannot be altered. But we believe life should be celebrated in full and living color. Plus, it is a great visual reminder of the power of the curcumin.

See What The Experts Say

We have some brilliant minds on our team. Not only are they contributors to the products' development and research, they are also some of our most frequent users, brand ambassadors, and fans. Lets see what they say and how much they love what CurcuminPro does for them.

We have some brilliant minds on our team-img
Dr. Harvey Kaltsas

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. CurcuminPro is a staple of mine for all my patients. An ounce of prevention is worth years of better living."

Dr. Harvey Kaltsas

Healing Center Sarasota, Florida


“I can honestly say, that the CucurminPro family of products fits my ideal of food supplements in that they will help promote a low sugar diet while they simultaneously provide consumers with all of the potential benefits their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and detoxification properties."

Dr. Gerald Edelman, MD

Oncology & Hematology, Irving, Texas

What is curcumin?
  • Curcumin is a polyphenolic compound derived from the plant Curcuma Longa, commonly known as turmeric. Curcumin has been used for centuries as both a food preservative and to treat a wide variety of ailments in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Curuminoids are derived from an extraction of turmeric, and are a rich source of anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants and with other key benefits.
  • This small tuberos plant is the subject of thousands of worldwide studies regarding is ability to assist the healing of the body.
Wait - break it down for me.
  • Curcumin is a polyphenolic compound derived from the plant Curcuma Longa, commonly known as turmeric. Curcumin has been used for centuries as both a food preservative and to treat a wide variety of ailments in Ayurvedic medicine.
Why curcumin?

Here’s why we chose curcumin:

  • Curcumin has 3,000 years of use behind it - that's a lot of data!
  • It is one of the most studied natural remedies - because it is like a superfood of the supplement world! Power. Power. Power.
  • Turmeric/curcumin is used in some form daily by over 1 billion individuals
  • The better question is - why NOT curcumin? ... No reason we can think of!

Why ours?

Because ours is different. Here’s the short version:

  • We have combined curcuminoids with protein – making a highly BioSoluble™ complex curcumin-protein isolate with increased bioavailability and absorption
  • Our science shows we are 36X more soluble. BioSoluble™ curcumin is the key to achieving maximum bioavailable curcumin per dose
  • While we still have the turmeric color, our conjugate is both neutral in taste and smell
  • We accomplished this without soy, additives, and fillers
  • We have the ability to create many new types of curcumin products other than just a capsule