Curcumin Tablets Dosage For Dogs

Even with sensitive stomachs, Curcumin tablets for dogs by CurcuminPro offers extraordinary benefits with very little to no side effects.

Curcumin is a proven, natural supplement that has been used to treat health conditions for thousands of years — it has heritage in the ancient Indian civilizations. Starting in New Delhi in 2500 BCE, Curcumin, the extract of the Turmeric root, has provided healing powers to men, women and children.


Starting your dog on Curcumin dog treats

The key to success when it comes to giving your pets — and humans for that matter — Curcumin-based supplements is finding the right Curcumin for dogs dosage.

If your dog has never taken the supplement before, it’s best to start off gradually with a partial dose. Then, over the course of a couple of weeks, work up to the full dosage. This gives your dog’s body the chance to get accustomed to the influx of minerals and nutrients it might not be used to.


Ways of giving it to your dog

Though we have made some tasty Curcumin tablets for dogs, your furry pal might still shy away from it. That’s why there’s a number of excellent ways to give your dog the supplement without them being able to taste it.

One way, for example, is adding the Curcumin for dogs dosage in with their normal treats. This allows the nutrients to bake into the treat but not the taste, meaning your dog gets all of the benefits and doesn’t know the difference.

CurcuminPro continues to strive for excellence with all of our products. So many of our customers keep coming back for our Curcumin tablets for dogs, and other products, simply because they know they are getting the best products available on the market today. To give it a try risk-free, call us today or order online. We are ready to address any concerns you have and get you — and your pets — on the road to a healthier life.