Curcumin Bottled Recovery Drink

Experience the health benefits and the general convenience that comes with CurcuminPro’s Curcumin bottled drink, called CurSplash.

You may have already heard of the wide ranging health benefits that come with Curcumin, which is a primary component in the ancient spice Turmeric. These health benefits (i.e. anti inflammation properties, etc.) have ushered in an influx of Turmeric- and Curcumin-based supplements, and CurcuminPro serves as proud leaders in this space.


Explore our wide range of products

CurcuminPro offers a diverse range of Curcumin-rich supplements — from our Curcumin recovery drink, capsules, smoothies and candy to dog treats (our pets deserve to be health, too, right?). While these products range in their form, they all contain our innovative formulation that delivers optimal doses of Curcumin that are absorbed by your body via our BioSoluble technology.

While other supplements put nutrients into your body, only to have them flushed out, CurcuminPro has developed a Curcumin bottled drink, and other products, that allow your body to truly leverage the health benefits.


Try our Curcumin recovery drink

Our CurSplash bottled drinks are some of the most convenient in our line. They’re already made for you and they taste delicious — just pop the top and enjoy!

You are able to enjoy a tasty Curcumin workout drink without fumbling around with messy powders or mixes. They fit the lifestyle of the health-conscious, busy man or woman on the go.


Shopping for Curcumin supplements is quick, convenient and secure

With CurcuminPro, you can add our Curcumin bottled drink, capsules, chewables or other products to your daily routine easily and affordably. Browse our selection right now and let us know if you have any questions.