Best Vanilla Turmeric Smoothies

CurcuminPro has developed what we believe are the very best vanilla Turmeric smoothies on the market today.  Delicious, creamy flavor, packed with antioxidants and loaded with vitamins and minerals, we think you'll find we are your go-to product for the best vanilla Turmeric shake.


A cutting-edge formulation for delicious, effective Turmeric supplements

CurcuminPro is dedicated to the idea that we can enhance our own health by using the healing powers of elements found in nature and without over-the-counter drugs.

CurcuminPro is at the leading edge when it comes to developing the best vanilla Turmeric supplement products along with our entire line of shakes, smoothies and even jelly beans.

Our innovative product line addresses two important variable — the size of the Turmeric dosage and its solubility in your body.

  • We have patented a process of enveloping the Curcumin in a protein isolate that has proven to increase the formula solubility. This simply means you receive a full dose of 1,200 mg per serving when you enjoy one of the best vanilla turmeric smoothies available.
  • This process of increasing solubility and absorption led to another discovery. We found that we could deliver our product without interfering with the product's taste profile. People sometimes find that Turmeric products have a bitter taste or add pungency to their food.
  • By enveloping the Curcumin in the protein, we deliver a taste- and odor-neutral supplement to your daily health regimen. We recommend you try our best vanilla Turmeric supplement and taste the difference for yourself.

Turmeric contains some of the strongest anti-inflammatories available in a natural supplement. It has proven properties of relieving pain and reducing swelling for everything from arthritic joints to inflamed digestive systems.

As an antioxidant, CurcuminPro products fight carcinogens and other free radicals that can damage cells and lead to signs of aging. Drink one of our best vanilla Turmeric smoothies as a meal replacement to assist in healthy weight loss. Finally, don’t forget to add your success story to our page at!