Anti Inflammatory Turmeric Smoothie

It is time to get excited about CurcuminPro's newest offering — our anti inflammatory Turmeric smoothie products. Anyone who has been following along with breakthroughs concerning the positive benefits of natural supplements has probably heard about the power of Turmeric.

Our social media is filled with recipes and links to guide us to incorporating more Turmeric into our lives for relief from pain and stiffness. At CurcuminPro, we have found the best delivery system to get the most out of your Turmeric via our anti inflammatory turmeric shake.


Stocking your body with optimal doses of Turmeric and Curcumin

Research has shown that it is not enough to merely add Turmeric to our diet as a spice or tea. We use the term "bio-availability" to define the amount of Turmeric absorbed by your digestive system. In order to reap all of the benefits of Turmeric, you need to include the compounds that increase that bio-availability.  This is just what we have done with our anti inflammatory Turmeric smoothie drinks and other products.

  • Certain proprietary ingredients boost the effectiveness in CurcuminPro's anti inflammatory Turmeric drink by a significant degree.
  • With these ingredients, it is possible to boost that absorption rate by up to 2,000 percent! Otherwise, without those potentiating ingredients, most of the turmeric — along with its benefits — washes right out of the body.
  • Are you trying to lose weight? Imagine the boost to your weight loss efforts when the CurcuminPro anti inflammatory Turmeric shake begins to relieve you of the pain and stiffness that often comes with obesity. People are beginning to realize the extent that movement will optimize health — both physical and psychological health. Freedom from pain and stiffness is just the bonus your body and mind needs to set out on the path to a healthier life.

Along with anti inflammatory properties, research is beginning to show that Turmeric has antioxidants, brain boosters, healthy heart prospects and it has even been shown to offer relief for sufferers of depression. At CurcuminPro, we believe in the powerful health benefits of our anti inflammatory Turmeric smoothie and other supplements. Shop with us!