CurcuminPro’s vision is simple: help everyone in the world feel a little better every day, without the use of over-the-counter drugs.

As a response to this challenge, we created the world’s first full line of curcumin-enhanced products by utilizing a groundbreaking patent-pending process that combines curcumin and protein. By joining the two, we have created a highly BioSoluble - and therefore - bioavailable and super potent curcumin-protein isolate. This isolate is used as the basis for the entire curcumin enhanced product line.

Our patent-pending process creates a taste and smell neutral isolate that can be used in almost any product form. The CurcuminPro line of products has no typical curcumin/turmeric flavor or taste profile to overcome. Our complete line of curcumin products are both super potent AND taste amazing!

This breakthrough helped our goal become crystal clear in its application.

Our clarity of vision drove us to make a product line crossing many demographics and forms, such as:

• generational

• gender

• socio-economic

• physical

• product form (swallow, eat, drink, chew)

Whether it is the super powerful curcumin capsules, our full-meal replacement shakes, or our sugar-free chocolates, we take curcumin to a new level, and we opened the door to new world of types of products within the supplements industry.